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Before restarting our news updates again we wanted to acknowledge the challenges facing everyone this year.

It’s given us pause for thought about all the essential work our customers have been doing day in, day out in some of the most challenging locations across the globe.

For whom ‘work from home’ simply isn’t an option.

For whom ‘working remotely’ means depending on an Iridium satellite tracker for your safety and security when you’re out of cellular coverage and 200km from the nearest city.

Whether you’re an international relief worker in Niger, or an investigative journalist in Turkey.

Whether you’re providing close protection services for your staff and clients as they move around cities, or remotely managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers as they move across four continents.

Whether you’re monitoring an election in Ghana, or a mine-afflicted territory in Angola.

Our team is here, seven days a week to help you get started quickly with any new projects, and to help support your existing projects in any way we can. Get in contact with us at

Visit to find out more about how our Grid platform can help you with your real-time situational awareness needs, and to stay in touch with your people, wherever they may be.