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The brand new Wave device is a robust and versatile tracking and communication device operating on the Iridium Short Burst (SBD®) satellite network. Tracking uses turn by turn technology to create an accurate history of turns rather than a report that uses best fit. It has a resistive colour touchscreen for ease of use. For vehicle/vessel tracking, the Wave comes with External Antennas that can attach to a roof to ensure a better GPS/Iridium signal.


Variable Tracking Rate – The Wave can be programmed to automatically send position reports to Grid Platform at set intervals defined by the user with GPS Check-In. The Wave allows a quick GPS report to be sent to the platform by pressing the location button.

Distance/Turn Based Reporting – Allows the user to track based on set distance intervals rather than a time interval. This option will appear in each of the tracking modes and give the user the ability to change the distance intervals at which the Wave reports.

Emergency Alert – When the Emergency button is pushed, the Wave immediately sends Emergency alerts to the Grid Platform at 30 second intervals by default. This Alert will continue until the hardware or Grid Platform user resets the Emergency Alert.

Touch Screen – Not only can users interact with the Wave using the hard keys, it is fully functional and responsive using its resistive touch screen.

Free-Entry Text Messaging – The Wave allows users to send and receive free-entry text messages via the Grid Platform and the device with Canned Text Messaging. The Wave also allows users to send predefined messages via the Grid Platform.

Stay secure – AES 256-bit encrypted, the highest commercial
encryption available.

Field replaceable batteries – On top of the extended battery life, the Wave has easily detachable batteries. You can purchase a block charger with this device. The device also has a low-power mode.

Dimensions: 125 mm (158mm including antenna) x 68 mm x 28 mm

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