Portable Tracking Hardware

Garmin inReach® MINI 2

Garmin inReach® MINI 2

Stay connected in a crisis

The Garmin inReach® MINI 2 is a portable tracking device, ideal for a dispersed and mobile workforce. This compact device allows users to send and receive two-way messages, activate SOS alerts and share their location. This discreet, rugged device is brought to you by Garmin, optimising the Iridium satellite network. The ideal solution for personnel based in or travelling to high-risk environments.


Two-way communications – Exchange messages with your operator, allowing you to stay connected in a crisis situation.

Interactive SOS Alerts – In an emergency situation, trigger an interactive SOS message to the Garmin IERCC. A 24/7 staffed emergency response coordination centre, which comes as an optional extra.

Location sharing – Share your location with an operator at any time using the GRID platform.

Global satellite network – Messages, SOS alerts and location tracking are transferred with the Global Iridium satellite network®.
*To communicate using the Iridium satellite network, an active satellite subscription is required.*

Dimensions: 2.04” x 3.90” x 1.03” (5.17 x 9.90 x 2.61cm)

We take data security seriously within our applications, hardware and processes. We are ISO 27001 certified.

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