Proven and progressive

With over a decade of experience in the world’s highest risk areas, we have unique insight into modern security challenges faced by our clients. Our technology is now widely used in a variety of settings, from remote work sites in Iraq to cities across the world. Our clients include large multinationals, government agencies and NGOs.


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Our clients are at the core of what we do and how we do it, from R&D and feature development to customer support.

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We build robust and secure applications with a focus on innovation and design, helping to protect your people, vehicles and assets.

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We support hundreds of clients all over the world, providing tried and tested solutions to complex problems.

We’re focused on designing and building software that does complex things but is easy to use. We’re not all computer science grads – we have MBAs, Arts and Science degrees, allowing us to fuse technology with the humanities. Our team has a range of experience from working with companies, militaries, governments and NGOs to academic research.