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Introducing the Track24 Global Security Operation Centre.


We’re delighted to introduce our new Global Security Operation Centre service, offering a customised crisis management solution without the cost and management of such a service in-house.

Track24’s response service provides situational awareness, real-time crisis management and risk mitigation, in addition to advanced 24x7x365 monitoring capabilities. Each client is provided with a dedicated response line and pre-approved and tested response protocols.

GSOC Support incident centre

Services outlined below can be tailored to individual client’s requirements.

Global Crisis Management triage

27 responders based globally, supported by over 160 regional analysts.

Immediate access to over 400 partners covering 140 countries.

Immediate access to Interpreter/translators speaking 640 different dialects and providing “Live” translation services if required.

Trained operators, all of whom have appropriate first-career backgrounds.

All operators work to a prepared script designed to enable them to follow a logical and progressive path which has been tested and escalation has been pre-approved for each client.

The Duty Responder will provide triage, containment and hand-holding advice to a client within 15 minutes of being informed of an incident. Calls are guaranteed to be answered within 20 seconds.

Regular blind testing of the hotline to ensure responsiveness and to assess the accuracy with which information is received.

Conference calls established between operator/client and translator if required.

GSOC proven experience across a wide spectrum of threats and evidenced by management of over 1,500 cases from Cyber extortion, kidnapping, Political evacuation, active shooter, terrorism and direct assailants.

Regular scenario testing and business continuity planning updates.

Low Cost monthly subscription with pre-agreed fees for responders.

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We take data security seriously within our applications, hardware and processes.
We are ISO 27001 certified.

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