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The Shout Nano provides real-time location reports and alerts in one small handheld device operating on the Iridium Short Burst (SBD) satellite network. It doubles as a vehicle tracker with a quick install vehicle kit. IP67 rated, the device is robust and simple to use; you can check-in, message or trigger a panic alert via its easy to use interface.


Versatile – An optional vehicle kit enables the device to be used as both a personal and vehicle tracker. An external antenna is also available.

Emergency Alert -When the panic button is pressed, audible and visual alerts are generated on your tracking platform. SMS notifications alert your team that you need their assistance.

Communicate – Equipped with an LCD display and an on-screen keyboard the Shout Nano enables you to rapidly communicate your security status, exact location and send a check in message at only the push of a button.

Stay secure – AES 256-bit encrypted, the highest commercial encryption available.

Long battery life – It’s ultra-low power consumption electronics draws less than 50µA during sleep. This equates to 4 days of a continuous 15-minute reporting time.


Dimensions: 100 mm x 56 mm x 20 mm

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