Keeping your vehicles on the road


Allow drivers to perform convenient roadside inspections.


Benefits: Empower your drivers to easily conduct vehicle inspections and send reports to monitoring teams, even when regularly on the move and working in remote areas.

Checksafe Screens

CheckSafe provides clients with a comprehensive, low cost, high-value solution to improve fleet maintenance and management processes.

Protect your vehicles and drivers

Ensure your vehicles remain safe & fit for purpose with timely inspections and prompted audits.
Not only does CheckSafe remove the necessity for paper checklists, it also means your fleet managers get instant feedback on the safety status of vehicles in the field.

Operate efficiently

With CheckSafe, drivers can input their fuel consumption directly into the app – validated with a timestamp and image upload, for example of a fuel receipt or fuel meter reading – allowing you to better manage fuel usage across the fleet.


Features: Extending the lifespan of fleets globally.

Checksafe Screens

Inspect and report using customisable templates

Create customisable inspection templates from the IVMS platform using questions such as “Is there any visible damage to mirrors?” or “Please confirm current mileage by taking a picture of the speedometer”.

With the CheckSafe app, drivers or inspectors are able to send time-stamped pass/fail checklists and data directly to the IVMS platform.

Review and analyse data

Drivers can see when the previous inspection was completed on the vehicle in question and if it had any failed items through the CheckSafe app on their smartphones.

Monitoring teams are able to log onto the IVMS platform for full access to all previous inspection data for their entire fleet.

Readily and easily access the status of your entire fleet using our vehicle inspection iOS and Android app.

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