We build platforms to keep your people safe


Keep your people safe

Answering the question: are you impacted by critical events?


Keeping your people safe

The Grid consolidates tracking data and alerts from multiple devices into a single platform. Know where your people are and when they need help.

The Grid


Protect your drivers and vehicles

Effectively manage your fleet in the locations that matter most.

Identify careless driving behaviour, optimise your team’s performance and predict when your vehicles need maintenance.


Understand your surroundings.

Create, upload, visualise and analyse your incident data to build situational awareness of your operating environment and aid in your intelligence-based decision making.

IMS screen
POB screen


Personnel Monitor

Account for your people


Account for your people

Duty of care when you need it most.


Safety at your fingertips

Transform your smartphone into a personal safety device. Give your team visibility over a dispersed workforce.

Checksafe Screens


Keep the safety status and performance of your fleet in check.

CheckSafe is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Enable drivers to perform inspections of their vehicles wherever they are. Using our intuitive app data can be easily collected and fed to the linked IVMS web-platform for detailed analysis and reporting.


Global Security Operation Centre.

24/7 Incident Response Centre.

Track24’s response service provides situational awareness, real-time crisis management and risk mitigation.



Equip your team

Get reliable hardware, communications devices and sensors for your team, assets or vehicles. We provide a range of hardware than can integrate with our applications.


The Shout Nano provides real-time location reports and alerts in one small handheld device operating on the Iridium Short Burst (SBD) satellite network. It doubles as a vehicle tracker with a quick install vehicle kit. IP67 rated, the device is robust and simple to use; you can check-in, message or trigger a panic alert via its easy to use interface.

Shout Nano
Wave unit


The brand new Wave device is a robust and versatile tracking and communication device operating on the Iridium Short Burst (SBD®) satellite network. Tracking uses turn by turn technology to create an accurate history of turns rather than a report that uses best fit. It has a resistive colour touchscreen for ease of use. For vehicle/vessel tracking, the Wave comes with External Antennas that can attach to a roof to ensure a better GPS/Iridium signal.


The Pocket Buddy is a discrete tracking device, perfect for a dispersed and mobile workforce. The compact device allows users to trigger an alert easily.
As the smallest GPS tracking devices in our range, the Pocket Buddy is the ideal solution for personnel based in or travelling to high-risk environments.

Pocket Buddy
garmin inreach MINI 2

Garmin inReach® MINI 2

Portable Tracking Hardware .
Portable satellite communicator from Garmin, ideal for protecting mobile workers in high-risk environments

ST 9100

Equip your fleet.
Working either the cellular or Inmarsat satellite network, the ‘dual-mode’ ST 9100 IVMS brings real-time global visibility, security and accountability to your fleet and drivers.

ST-9100 unit
jackal-4G unit


The Jackal 4G is focussed on bringing visibility, security and accountability to your fleet and drivers in urban settings where cellular networks are generally known to be available.

Based on a customised Calamp solution, we also provide a panic button, advanced driver ID, vehicle immobiliser and in-cab alerts.

We take data security seriously within our applications, hardware and processes.
We are ISO 27001 certified.

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