Vehicle Tracking Hardware

ST 9100

ST 9100

Equip your fleet

Working either the cellular or Inmarsat satellite network, the ‘dual-mode’ ST 9100 IVMS brings real-time global visibility, security and accountability to your fleet and drivers.


Real time global visibility for fleets operating in remote locations.

Suite of add-ons – Optional security and safety controls including a panic button, driver ID sensor, seatbelt sensor, immobilisation of the vehicle, and an incident buffer.

IVMS analytics for driver and vehicle behaviour and safety.

Optimised message format – Cellular > satellite to keep satellite communications costs down.

Dynamic reporting – On top of your static reporting interval we can also offer event driven reporting. This provides more accurate position data when the vehicles are in use and lower airtime usage when they are stationary.

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We take data security seriously within our applications, hardware and processes.
We are ISO 27001 certified.

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