Stay connected in a crisis



Benefits: A rapid response tool to protect your people.

Staying connected with a mobile workforce is vital during an emergency. Smart24 is an app for iPhone and Android which enables you to locate your people when it matters, and enables a swift and effective response to a crisis.


Features: Safety at your fingertips.

In high-risk environments, features such as live tracking and SMS fallback ensure a swift, coordinated response when time is of the essence.

Emergency Mode

Emergency alerting which is proven and secure.

In the midst of a crisis, our Grid platform will send audio-visual, SMS and email notification alerts to your monitoring team, allowing for a rapid response.

SMART24 screen
Location polling

Location polling

Swiftly locate your people when you need to most.

Smart24’s polling feature allows your monitoring teams to receive responses from dispersed teams via push notifications, enabling them to swiftly and accurately pinpoint people on an operational map via the GRID dashboard.

Secure messaging

Keep everyone informed.

As an alternative to notifications, your monitoring teams can push out new information to staff via messages and open direct comms channels with your people on the ground. Two-way read receipts allow you to keep an audit trail of exactly who has received each message and if they have read it.

SMART24 screen - secure messaging
SMART24 screen - live tracking

Live tracking

Balancing security with privacy.

In high-risk travel scenarios, you need up-to-date information on your staff’s locations. Smart24 offers optional live tracking and check in. When your people are back to safety, live tracking can simply be switched off to preserve user privacy.

SMS Fallback

Send messages via SMS when mobile data drops out.

In some countries and regions mobile data connections are unreliable and unavailable. Stay connected with your team using an encrypted SMS with automated SMS-based delivery receipts.

SMART24 screen - SMS fallback
SMART24 screen - collision detection

Collision Detection

Know when your team have been involved in a vehicular accident.

The application also addresses the risks faced to your staff who are passengers and drivers. The Collision Response feature uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect when your staff have been involved in an impact. The Grid will send out SMS, email and audiovisual alerts to your monitoring team without the need of any interaction from those involved in the impact.

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