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We’re really happy to announce that we’ve integrated MobileIron into our platform for keeping people safe. MobileIron is being used by many organisations both large and small for their ‘Enterprise Mobile Management’, or EMM for short, to help keep their employees productive and safe, and their information systems, which may be composed of thousands of corporate phones, secure.

Our MobileIron EMM integration has three main components, which your staff see as three apps on their phones: Secure Sign-in, an App Catalog of approved apps for staff, and Mobile Device Management whose corresponding apps are shown in the screenshots below.

Announcing our MobileIron integration

(Note that these screenshots are for iOS devices. On Android, the App Catalog is inside the MobileIron Go app).

First on Secure Sign-in. One of the requests that we never hear from our clients and their staff is “Can you please make me remember one more username and password?” In the consumer app domain, this is often solved with techniques that allow you to, for instance, ‘Sign in with Google’ or another provider who can, in essence, vouch for your identity and a communication channel like email. For the enterprise, businesses may want to retain greater control of this process, and so MobileIron allows for Secure Sign-In, saving your staff from having to remember or manage lots of different passwords or two-factor authentication keys.

The next component is the App Catalog. This allows your staff to easily discover approved apps that may be relevant to them, and to which you have subscribed. Your staff can also get started with these apps seamlessly with fewer onboarding steps such as setting up new passwords, entering their account details, and verifying their identity or contact details. They simply tap once to install the app and tap once to enroll into the app.

Finally, Mobile Device Management (via the MobileIron Go app) allows stakeholders such as the information security team to remotely manage aspects of the phone, such as app or system level settings. In extreme cases, if needs be, they could wipe the phone or even specific apps if the phone was stolen, or when the staff member has a change of role and no longer needs access to the particular app.

Does your organisation use MobileIron, and think that your staff could benefit from our platform for safety through our iOS and Android app Smart24? If so, get in touch with one of our experts to discuss further.