Effective Internal Communications in Modern Business Environments

By Emily Byrne, Marketing Manager at Track24/AtlasNXT

Post-pandemic, organisations are taking a more holistic, nuanced approach to their understanding and management of internal communications. Effective internal communications will enhance operational efficiency, network engagement and productivity as well as boost employee satisfaction and trust.

How are internal communications being redefined in modern business environments? In her article for People Management, Jenifer Oliver outlines how the pandemic has pushed the skills of communications professionals into the spotlight, and how these are now more important than ever. Source.

The pandemic had a sudden, unprecedented impact on communications in the workplace. A significant challenge for businesses was to determine how to support remote and now hybrid workers with internal communications software.

Bridging the Gap Between Businesses and Workforces

When Covid19 hit, businesses had to build up resilience and use appropriate software to ensure the continuity of operations and revenues, in an unnervingly uncertain time.

During the pandemic, “Communication was paramount, but the options had changed. Information was communicated in writing or in video calls and informal communication had all but ceased. So we needed to harness our expertise, creativity and intuition to successfully navigate the gap between the business and their workforce, ensuring sensitivity and integrity of the information shared.” Source.

Hello to Hybrid Working 

Post-pandemic, in 2023, a matured hybrid model of working has evolved. Such a mode of working has seen businesses mastering internal communications. Furthermore, business leaders are increasingly inclined to reflect deeply about company culture and work-life balance, to attract and retain talent in a competitive market. Internal communications software is recognised to provide a richer understanding into the relationship between businesses and their employees, enabling organisations to create attractive, flexible propositions to promote positive working cultures in our new normal.

Additionally, internal communications help to coordinate busy diaries, face-to-face meetings, and employees’ journeys into hybrid office spaces, where hot-desking and shift rotas become commonplace.

Agile Technology 

“While our people skills have been one of the biggest drivers behind the evolution of internal communications, how we use technology and digital platforms has also changed how we work. IC professionals have had to remain on the front foot of the technology developments brought about by the pandemic.” Source.

Many companies were quick to develop new internal communications strategies, with Google Meets, Zooms and Slack and Teams messaging and video calls becoming the new norm. 

Brought to you by Track24, AtlasNXT, our 3D Precision Communications platform, declutters the corporate communications landscape, enabling business continuity, duty of care and compliance. 3D Precision Communications means filtering communications based on people, place and time.

How many different communication channels do you think your organisation is using to conduct routine operations? A highly complicated, inefficient landscape can be reduced down to one comprehensive communications solution, through the adoption of AtlasNXT. Corporate communications should be owned by the corporation, not by external messaging providers, through which there is no opportunity to audit critical response.

The filtering of communications using location-intelligence is what makes up AtlasNXT’s DNA.

We’ve built a comprehensive messaging and document-sharing service on a map, within a calendar  – with organisations able to slice information infinitely by groups, then create infinite subsets by location – with further subsetting possible by time. Interactive documents or messaging groups can be shared, ensuring people only receive the information they need, where they need it, and only when it’s relevant.  This is already proving to have an enormously positive impact for customers, driving up productivity and operational effectiveness, and driving down costs and risk.

Take Aways

Organisations focusing on internal communications are more commonly using agile technology in order to bridge the gap between business and workforce and to harness a matured hybrid model of working. Regaining control of corporate communications and the transmission of critical information will improve cost efficiency, operational efficiency and productivity, boost employee satisfaction, trust and brand reputation.

AtlasNXT is the SaaS 3D precision communications platform which enables organisations to intelligently filter critical information based on people, place and time.

AtlasNXT is the world’s first single-solution safeguarding and communications platform, enabling businesses to protect, inform and engage teams and individuals.

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