Keep your people safe

Know where your people are and if they are in danger,
helping you to effectively respond to a crisis.

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Visualise tracking information from all your devices in one place. Review nearby assets, secure locations and geofences consolidating all the critical information you need in an emergency.

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Collaborate with colleagues working in remote teams. The Grid provides a shared, centralised view of the data, making it easier to share critical information.

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Respond to real time alerts triggered by people in your care. Review and manage emergency alarms, decreasing the time it takes to identify and resolve a situation.

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The Grid consolidates tracking data and alerts from multiple devices in a single platform, so you know where your people are and whether they need help.


The Track24 Grid is designed for security and crisis management and has emergency alerts as well as geofences, speeding and non-report alarms.


Alerts and messages can be set to trigger SMS or email notifications for your team, even if they aren’t a user on the platform.


Geofences can help to add additional context to a map and can be used to trigger alerts when assets leave or enter defined areas.

Points of interest

Points of interest, such as work sites, hospitals or secure locations, can be plotted alongside tracking data to add custom information to the map. 


Messages can easily be sent via the platform to individual devices, groups of devices or all devices at once.


View a history of asset movement over a set period of time or view the history of specific event types, for example, emergency alerts.