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The first edition in our new series, uncovering tracking in the digital world is led by Track24 Data Analyst, Sam Leach.

Today, let’s go back to basics on one of our specialties known as ‘tracking’ – and sometimes referred to as ‘traveller tracking’ or ‘safety tracking’.

What is it and why does it matter ?


What is it ?

At a very high level, we’re talking about two key capabilities needed by a traveller and their travel supervisor:

  1. The ability to share messages.
  2. The ability to share location information.


Why does it matter ?

Now, if you’re in any way responsible for the safety and well-being of the travellers in your, or your clients’ organisation, you’ll probably have spent time thinking about the following questions:

  1. Do you know where each and every traveller of yours is, right now, or even recently? If not, can you automatically and quickly ask them for an update?
  1. Do you know if they are currently on the move, at their destination, or else returned to their residence?
  1. Are you able to advise them to avoid certain specific places, and warn them if they approach those areas?
  1. Could they contact you if they needed help or advice, or if their plans change ? If so, would they be able to get your attention?
  1. Could you contact them, and get their attention, both individually or as a group, if you find out disruptions are going to happen near and might affect them?
  1. In terms of preparedness, do you even have their contact and medical details and are these details known to be up to date?
  1. Are their contact details ‘active’ in their current location ? Do they have ‘coverage’ and ‘connectivity’ – ‘roaming’ or otherwise ? How do you know ?


How we can help

Regardless of whether the reason for your traveller’s journey is to meet someone, accompany someone, deliver something, collect something or perform a task somewhere, the above type of questions will often tend to crop up again and again.

And they need reliable and timely answers using solutions including maps, alerts, and communication devices and apps.

Now, if you’re thinking that those were some pretty loaded questions coming from a company named Track24, then you might be right.

Even so, if you answered ‘no’ to any of them, we can help you.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our Grid platform for sharing location and sharing messages with your clients and travellers.

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