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What’s it like to know that what you do, helps save lives? When we asked our employees what they enjoyed most about their work, the unilateral response was the knowledge that what they do really makes a difference to people.

All our teams have worked incredibly hard this year, not only adjusting to radically different ways of working and collaborating on our existing Track24 business but preparing for an exciting product launch in 2021.

Bringing smarter, more cohesive technologies to our existing range and introducing a new, revolutionary product to market, we have a truly exciting year ahead of us.

It’s true that not all heroes wear capes, but some of them are great with code, and we need more of these coding heroes to join us (cape optional). Track24 engineers create the fabric of our software, like our Smart24 app, which helps people stay safe, every day.

Already a truly diverse team of talented individuals, we’re currently recruiting for both Front and Back End Full Stack Engineers, an Android Engineer as well as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Head of Engineering, Sven Schneemann describes the culture and energy of the company as: “The most exciting part is that no day is like the other, and there’s something new to learn every day. We have a great, diverse group of remarkable individuals and a superb atmosphere within the team with one of the most fulfilling missions: Saving peoples’ lives.”

As you’d expect from a growing technology company, the work is fast-paced and collaborative. But in addition to knowing they help save people’s lives, our current engineers also said that Track24 is a supportive company who show appreciation for their work.

We’re proud to nurture a supportive, appreciative culture – as we grow in 2021, it’s the people in place that will drive our success. Will you be one of them?