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2016 has been a rollercoaster year for the world, both politically and economically. Here at Track24, it has been no different. We had some ups and downs but as we end the year, we’re excited by the feedback we’re receiving from clients, the improvements we’ve made to our product base, and the refreshed approach to client delivery and success.

We’ve selected a few highlights from our product base this year, and look forward to sharing more with you in 2017.

The market trend

There’s considerable demand among our client base for analytics, and reporting on anything that helps to increase utility and quality, and decrease cost. The biggest thing we’ve noticed this year is a move away from a compliance-driven, dot-on-the-map approach, to a new appetite for data analytics. Clients are hungry both for data, and ways to make sense of it as we collect it over space and time.

We’re super pleased by this trend as it gives us the motivation and incentive to push our products to the next level.

A refreshed brand

Track24 started in 2003, supporting contractors and the coalition forces in post-war Iraq and Afghanistan. If you spent time in these markets in the early days, it is likely you would have used our services at some point or other, knowingly or not. We were instrumental in saving hundreds of lives as we provided the interface between the coalition militaries and the private contractors, who were able to summon help at the touch of a button.

But 13 years on, we felt like it was time for an update to reflect the current markets we serve. While the high-risk markets are core to our existence, we feel our brand needed upgrading to reflect the technology company we are today.

Our refreshed branding is clean, modern and simple, reflecting where we want to be as a company.

Taking Fleet Safety to the Next Level

We’ve been in the market of IVMS (in-vehicle monitoring system) for several years now. In this time, we have successfully supported oil companies, mining companies, governments and NGOs in some of the world’s toughest regions.

We’re really pleased to announce that our solution has recently been deployed with one of the market leaders for IVMS – a tier-one oil and gas company renowned for its attention to safety.

With this has come some exciting features, such as a metric for measuring driver safety, DriveSafe

We’ve made extra effort to simplify the way our customers make sense of data derived from vehicles and are excited to help our clients focus attention on driver safety where it’s needed most. This has seen considerable effort from our client-facing, engineering and data science teams, and the work that goes on under the hood is truly impressive.

DriveSafe is the first of a number of data-led features that will report back to our clients in terms of fatigue, utility and other crucial metrics.

Rebuilding Smart24

We took the decision early in the year to refresh and rebuild Smart24 to make it more intuitive and more appealing to the eye, with an emphasis on helping our customers understand the settings with specific focus on privacy controls.

We’re pleased to end the year gearing up to the launch of a tiered functionality in our smartphone applications. This will open up different price points and help our customers increase their user base via basic, and lower cost, personnel safety features.


We’re really excited to offer the best-in-class mapping in all of our applications, mobile and web.

We work with Mapbox, an exciting company who provide visually appealing mapping alongside other services such as routing. This lets us do very complex geospatial analysis on queries, like ‘show me all the police stations between Nairobi and Archer’s Post’, within 10 kms of the route.

Watch this space as we introduce even more detailed, cutting edge and market leading satellite imagery in early 2017 – we expect that it will have a significant impact on clients using our application.

Looking ahead to 2017

We’ve been making incremental changes in all our products at Track24 which we hope will compound into significant leaps in terms of the value to we provide to our customers and partners.

Our teams are currently aligned on driving down the cost of ownership for our clients, driving down price where possible in 2017.

Alongside that, we’re making huge efforts to automate aspects of what we do, from introducing more-self-service features, through to introducing more transparent and online billing; allowing you to purchase from us online with ease.

We’re also adapting the way we support our clients by putting our engineers directly in contact with them, to solve complex issues

As ever, we welcome your feedback.