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We’re excited to announce the addition of delivery receipts to messages sent between our Grid monitoring platform and our personal safety app, Smart24.

This is a feature that you may be familiar with from messengers like WhatsApp, Signal, and iMessage. Each outbound message provides information to the sender about the status of the message through three stages: sent to, received by, and read by the recipient.

Introducing delivery receipts

Since delivery receipts indicate to the sender if a message has been both received and read, they provide a sense of reassurance, or alternatively, enough context to know that another communications channel should be used.

We’ve decided to implement message status icons that are similar to WhatsApp and Signal by using two coloured ticks, ensuring the feature already looks and feels familiar to many people.

We think delivery receipts will be really useful to our users. In the future, we’ll be extending the idea of deliverability to many more aspects of our products.