Decluttering communications in a modern enterprise world

Dec 2, 2021 | Blog

By Emily Byrne, Content Manager & Marketing Executive at Track24

What are the communications challenges enterprises face daily? In short, “the average company loses 20% of its productive power to ‘organisational drag.’”  What do we mean by discussions of a modern enterprise world? In this context, we draw focus to the volume of information a modern enterprise uses or would like to use to support its operation, unfiltered, an overwhelming landscape of noise, competing for attention. 

How can technology help declutter communications for an organisation? Our solution has the answers. Here’s AtlasNXT. AtlasNXT is the intelligent precision communications platform for global enterprises. AtlasNXT has solved your organisation’s operational and security challenges before you’ve even anticipated them.

AtlasNXT is set to be an AI-driven curated information ecosystem, working for you, tailored to you, based on the operational profile of your company. AtlasNXT’s AI capabilities will mean the platform can make decisions for you, deciphering data feeds and decluttering, curating and delivering the information you need to know – cutting through the noise of the modern enterprise environment. AtlasNXT will anticipate risk and mitigate the impact through communications to your organisation. 

Crucially, AtlasNXT is built on privacy first principles and is user-consent driven. Our duty of care platform gains awareness of the safety situation and location of your people, under the fingertip control of the individual at all times. What might you be able to achieve with the time AtlasNXT has saved you? AtlasNXT helps to declutter communications through its features and functionalities, which we’ll explore in more detail in this blog.


AtlasNXT helps declutter communications in a modern enterprise world with its 3D communications messaging solutions. After all, when organising your communications, A dedicated communication channel for each team and project is an essential place to start.

When a user selects the messages tab, a menu appears, showing the different kinds of messages available to send, including broadcast, channels or group messages and direct messages. Each function has its own unique capabilities.

Broadcast messages 

Broadcast messages are a top-down form of messaging. For example, broadcast messages are perfect if an operator wishes to send an entire company a message, such as: ‘Northern line train line is down’, or an entire department a message, such as: ‘Marketing budget review meeting cancelled’. Imagine all of the time and inconvenience AtlasNXT could save staff in the above instances.

Communications channels or group messages 

Communications channels are custom group chats. Channels can only be created by platform operators on AtlasNXT, but app users have control over which channels they subscribe to. Users can be added or removed from channels based on their location and a number of other factors. Users can also be added or removed permanently. Channels can be private or public and can work operator to app, or app to operator. Communications channels provide a solution to filter out the noise of a modern enterprise environment by decluttering and focusing messaging entirely.

Direct messages

AtlasNXT’s direct messages function refines and filters the communications process further, in offering one to one messages, or messages from one person to a few people. Direct messages can work either operator to app, or app to operator. Direct messages can be intercepted through the AtlasNXT web platform or the app and offer the simplest version of communication. 

ITV is a model example of how an effective communication system can revolutionise an organisation. “ITV, the UK’s largest commercial broadcasting network is just one organisation that’s cut response times since introducing a centralised collaboration hub, with powerful results. It can now resolve incidents six times faster than before.” Source. Achieve such results by using AtlasNXT as your centralised collaboration hub. We’ve got you covered.

Critical events and incident reporting

There is huge potential for SaaS platforms and AI to revolutionise the risk management market, enabling organisations to declutter their crisis communications, keeping their staff both at home and travelling away safe and secure in a modern enterprise world with critical event management and incident reporting features. From its ability to process large amounts of data to the automation of certain repetitive and burdensome risk management steps, AI could allow risk managers to respond faster to new and emerging exposures.”

AtlasNXT offers an array of critical event and incident reporting functionalities, for effective crisis management:

Drawing critical event zones on the map 

In the case of a serious event such as a fire, flood, evacuation, travel disruption or utilities or infrastructure failure, platform operators can create a targeted Critical Event Zone and provide updates and assistance to any app users identified as being within the zone via their phone’s location services. Live location sharing remains under the control of each app user.

Refining event radius 

Once the event zone and radius have been selected, operators can provide additional details such as expected duration of the event.

Polling phones if in they’re in the country of incident and asking for responses

Once a critical event is created, AtlasNXT polls all devices within the country affected to determine which users are within the Critical Event Zone (CEZ). Users identified as within a CEZ are encouraged to update their status and share their live location, enabling operators to concentrate on helping those most in need of assistance. Users will list themselves in one of five groups and as their status’ change, as will their grouping. 

Users will also be prompted to share their live location during a critical event to provide greater accuracy. Platform operators can send live updates to all users inside the CEZ or individually by searching for specific users from lists or selecting groups. All users inside the CEZ can use their app to view live updates. Once platform operators are satisfied that an event has been managed successfully, it can be ended and it will be removed from app users screens. After a critical event has been closed it is still viewable from the Critical Events page if required for incident analysis.

AtlasNXT is the ideal SaaS solution to declutter communications during a critical event as it allows operators to focus their efforts on those deemed most at risk and manage their time effectively, as in a crisis situation, every second counts.

Most importantly, AtlasNXT enables organisations and enterprises to go above and beyond in fulfilling their duty of care when it comes to risk management. “Duty of care is all about managing the risks that can impact the safety, security and well being of staff. Therefore without organisational risk management processes, an organisation will never be able to successfully manage the risks that it faces.AtlasNXT offers duty of care, redefined. 


Overwatch is AtlasNXT’s smartphone-initiated safety feature, which declutters critical communications in a modern enterprise world by providing an enhanced duty of care for employees, whilst prioritising the privacy of the end user. As stated by Sarah Drikwater, Director of the Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network:

“In 2020, [and the years which follow], privacy will be at the heart of technology companies’ offerings.” We are extremely proud to say the AtlasNXT platform is built entirely around privacy-first principles.

Following recent tragic events in the UK media: the abduction, rape and murder of Sarah Everard, protection of the lone worker has become ever important to organisations. “Activists who have previously channeled energy into almost every other social and political cause are, finally, turning to the matter of women’s lives. Here in the UK, a spontaneous political movement has erupted with women at its centre.” Overwatch provides peace of mind for lone workers.

AtlasNXT’s Overwatch feature allows app users who find themselves in an unsettling situation to initiate a session during which they share their live location with a web platform operator who can provide help and assistance and see their location on AtlasNXT’s map view.

The app user initiating an Overwatch session is able to state the reason they want to be watched and for how long, e.g. a 30 minute session, until perhaps they have arrived at their destination safely. The user is always informed their location is being shared during this time. To end an Overwatch session, the user must confirm they are safe, if not, the session will simply continue until the user confirms they are away from perceived risk. If the user’s phone has low battery, the session turns red, prompting an operator to communicate with the user directly, ensuring their safety when time is of the highest priority.

As stated as essential by Sarah Drinkwater, Overwatch serves as a “proactive measure to ensure technology is responsibly designed to […]  promote human well-being and support further innovation.”

Overwatch enables the decluttering of communications and serves the modern enterprise world in allowing organisations to go above and beyond to prioritise the safety of lone workers, whilst respecting their privacy at the same time entirely. Privacy should remain: “at the centre of […] businesses’ value propositions and user experiences.’

As Drinkwater profoundly states:

“ Technology can and should be a force for creating opportunity and social good, and companies focused on building privacy-first solutions will shine.” AtlasNXT and Overwatch are solutions working for the greater good and protection of your people, symbolic of “a shift from “technology for good” to “technology that is good”. 

Document library

AtlasNXT’s document library is a shining example of how the platform enables the decluttering of communications, preventing the endless shower of paperwork and documents which flood a modern enterprise world. With our library, this stress is gone. All your documents can be saved in our repository and information can be targeted to those who need it, where they need it and when they need it. 

Operators can share documents, control availability and see when documents are viewed. All document sharing can be location based and documents shared to a specific country or site will also appear on your locations page.

Protect your people and make sure action plans are always available if an incident occurs, by sharing crisis management plans, emergency procedures and risk management documents, as well as health and safety documents. Further fulfill your organisation’s duty of care. 

AtlasNXT represents the future of business operations. Imagine, once the world has fully opened up again, jumping on the tube and heading to your important business meetings with just your phone or an iPad in hand, equipped with all your documents, presentations and files at the swipe of a button. “Why lug a briefcase full of documents back and forth to client sites and new business meetings when you can put all your paper in the cloud? They’ll be available on all your devices and won’t your clients and prospects be impressed at your tech savvy?” Trust us, as a tech company, appearing tech savvy is always a good look.

AtlasNXT’s document library enables the decluttering of communications by targeting your information to the who, where and when. Everything you and your team need is available at the touch of a button.

Managing your staff, users and groups

AtlasNXT declutters the noise of a modern enterprise world by addressing the who in the communications chain. This who, of course, is your staff. Know where they are, the site they’re operating from and the groups they’re members of, all through our intuitive platform.

AtlasNXT allows you to view an audited list of all your staff. When staff opt in for location sharing, an operator can view the country staff are working in and the specific site they’re working from. When staff’s location is being shared, see when they were last active on AtlasNXT. Operators or admins have full view of groups users are members of and users’ activation status.

Incident database

AtlasNXT’s incident database allows operators to import incident data into the platform and perform trend analysis against a map-based incidents dashboard, providing a historical perspective to inform future decision-making. For example, a data set of threat-related incidents such as explosions or vehicle accidents plotted against location over a period of time would allow users to look for trends and reduce risk by avoiding certain routes, areas or days and times.

Operators can then create multiple dashboards showing different data and locations. Dashboards can be shared across teams using the platform and also externally from the platform as weblinks with no sign-in required. When a dashboard is shared externally, the viewer can interrogate the data, but cannot change it. As soon as the owner updates the dashboard, the view in the link will also be updated.

AtlasNXT’s incident database and dashboard declutters communications by providing an incident audit trail for analysis and evaluation, to inform future crisis management responses. 

“Customer expectations are constantly evolving in an accelerating race for the most advanced, hyperconnected, seamless experiences. IT functions are under unrelenting pressure to support leading-edge capabilities such as data analytics, cybersecurity, automated processing, and integration with third-party systems. The easiest way to do this is through platforms that connect everyone to the same cloud-based cross-industry digital infrastructure.”

AtlasNXT is your full-service solution for decluttering the noise of a modern enterprise environment and ensuring next-generation, simple and swift communications throughout your organisation. Everything you need is at your fingertips and those of your staff, on one, intelligent, precision communications platform.

What can you achieve with the time AtlasNXT has saved you?

AtlasNXT is the precision communications platform for global enterprises – an SaaS solution which declutters the noise of a modern enterprise world. AtlasNXT’s wide range of features will revolutionise operations for organisations by maximising efficiencies, enabling effective mobile workforce management, allowing organisations to provide a duty of care, redefined to employees and their extended networks, by reducing company costs, enhancing employee brand, minimising risk and ensuring the effective management and review of critical incidents. The list goes on. 

“Modernization efforts must create value for the enterprise. Investors and other stakeholders are as demanding as ever.”

AtlasNXT is created upon the understanding of the demands upon enterprises from investors and stakeholders. With the vision and future of AtlasNXT built on AI and ML, you can achieve an organisation-wide communication loop very easily, with data feeds decluttered, filtered, tailored and delivered to the right people when they need it and where they need it. Of course, our next-generation platform is built entirely on privacy-first principles. 

Use cases for AtlasNXT include critical event management, travel risk management, for lone worker protection and safety, operations management and precision communications.

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