Your people should be protected: As should your data

By Emily Byrne, Content Manager & Marketing Executive at Track24

Why Track24 is your best-in-class, data secure provider of tracking solutions

The fifth edition in our content series, exploring tracking in the digital world considers why security of people is not an area in which organisations can afford to cut corners. Have you considered how substandard security solutions might sacrifice the data security and quality of your protective intelligence system?

Track24 is the best-in-class, data secure, privacy-first solution, because your people should be protected, as should your data.

We’re your industry-leading vendor, miles ahead of low cost competitors, thanks to the quality of our robust systems, our ISO27001 certification and rigid GDPR compliance, our privacy-first outlook and promise to keep your people, assets and data safe and secure and our outstanding reputation for customer service and satisfaction. 

Track 24: The best-in-class, quality system & vendor

It may sound obvious, but it’s essential to choose a tracking provider you know you can trust. Our platform is effective, easy to use and allows you to communicate with your people fast, in the moments it matters most. Here’s a handy checklist which will help you access the quality of a vendor: 

  • Look into the clients your system provider works with. Are they credible organisations?
  • Can you find independent, third-party reviews or MPS scores online?
  • Does the provider hold relevant independent certifications for compliance? The most important certifications you should look for is whether the provider is ISO27001 certified and whether they’re an accredited HM Government G-Cloud supplier.
  • Does the provider adhere to the rules and regulations of GDPR? Will your information be used safely and securely?
  • Has the provider won any awards?

When using one of Track24’s solutions, you can place the entirety of your trust in the fact we are best-in-class for quality assurance, a highly credible organisation with a high-profile list of clients, award accolades and are fully GDPR compliant. We never cut any corners when it comes to quality and you know with our company, your data is always safe and secure. 

Track24: GDPR compliant & ISO27001 certified 

Track24 is committed to operating at the highest security standards which we achieve through investing in our people, processes and technology. Our ISO27001 policy is informed by the requirements of ISO/IEC 20001:2011 (IT Service System Management Standard), ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Technology – Security Techniques – Information Security Management Systems) and the Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standards.

Track24 ensures we manage data in an entirely GDPR compliant manner through the regular monitoring of security threats and the testing and auditing of the effectiveness of our control measures. Additionally, we provide appropriate information, instruction and training to make sure all employees are aware of their responsibilities and legal duties.

Track 24: A privacy-first approach

At Track24, we always take a privacy-first approach when it comes to your people, assets and data. We will never sacrifice your privacy by cutting corners when it comes to data security. Data is collected to keep your organisation and teams on the ground informed and within a communication loop, with the ultimate goal of keeping your people and assets safe and secure. Other than for this reason, you never need to worry about your location data leaving your phone with Track24 applications.

With a Track24 solution, you never need to be concerned about your data being used for unnecessary marketing purposes, or your privacy being exploited or at risk. We’ve got you covered.

Track24: Outstanding customer service and satisfaction rates

Most importantly, here at Track24 we’re always here to help. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and satisfaction rates and are delighted to hold an above industry standard MPS score.

We offer 24/7, 365 days a year customer support and go above and beyond to make sure your problems are solved, your technologies up and running and your people and assets are safe and secure. 

Track24 benefits from an in-house team of engineers which allow us to constantly evolve and adapt our product internally, in response to customer feedback. 

We are delighted to now be able to provide virtual training solutions, in order to expand our reach and support staff working in remote and disparate environments. 

Track24’s solutions operate for customers all over the world, in high-risk environments such as the Middle East, South America and Africa, to name but a few. Track24 and their partners have recently expanded our footprint and now have field support officers or representatives in 30 countries worldwide.


To reiterate, Track24 is your best-in-class provider of tracking solutions, thanks to the quality of our systems, our GDPR and ISO27001 compliance, our privacy-first approach and our outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction ratings. 

We outshine cheaper alternatives by always ensuring your data is kept private, safe and secure, which is why we’re trusted by some of the most high-profile organisations in the world.

At Track24, our goal is to keep your people and assets safe and secure and we’ll always do the same with your data. 

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