Track24 wins MEA Markets UAE Business Award for Best Vehicle Tracking Software Solutions Provider 2022

Jun 23, 2022 | Blog |

By Emily Byrne, Content Manager at Track24 

Track24 is delighted to be awarded the UAE Business Award from MEA Markets for Best Vehicle Tracking Software Solutions Provider 2022.

What does the win say about our heritage product suite?

Our award win for Best Vehicle Tracking Software Solutions Provider recognises how our heritage vehicle tracking product suite, (consisting of web platforms, mobile applications and hardware devices) enables our customers to locate and communicate with their people and assets in high-risk environments, as well as to mitigate and manage risk. 

The win further showcases the knowledge-hub which our heritage product suite is founded on. Track24 was established in 2004 and serves around 140 customers around the world, delivering proven, best-in-class geospatial security technologies. Using a range of solutions, we have hosted clients ranging from ‘five eyes’ governments, oil and gas companies, international organisations and NGOs.

What does the win say about our business?

Our award win for Best Vehicle Tracking Software Solutions Provider demonstrates Track24’s dedication to our mission: to build platforms to keep your people safe. We are driven by the fact our heritage product suite benefits our customers in the most high-risk environments, where the security of people and assets is paramount. 

Real world examples of how our vehicle tracking product suite has been used

Track24 are honoured to have helped protect the safety and security of drivers and fleets on the ground in life-threatening, emergency situations in high-risk locations, with the panic button, which can be enabled on all of our vehicle tracking hardware solutions. 

 A team of Track24’s customers were ambushed in a province lacking in phone signal. None of the teams’ phones were receiving any signal at all. After pressing the panic button on their Track24 device, an alarm was raised and the team received the support they needed from the police and their monitoring team. 

 Another of Track24’s customers’ teams’ vehicles was completely destroyed when it was attacked by a suicide bomber. Although the vehicle was demolished, the teams’ satellite unit still worked and they were able to press the panic button, to also receive immediate support from their monitoring team. 

 Track24’s use case scenarios demonstrate how our vehicle tracking hardware solutions have saved the lives of drivers and fleets on the ground, across the world.

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