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We’ve launched a new version of our location sharing app, Smart24, for iOS and Android. Smart24 helps to keep your people safe, letting your team share their location, send messages and flag when they are in danger.

We rebuilt and redesigned the app from the ground up with a cleaner design and updated code. You can read more about how the design of our new app evolved here.

We updated the underlying technology and design in order to improve existing features and allow for future development. The changes to Smart24 will offer a better experience for our clients and allow us to push forward with exciting R&D projects.

Good design is important to us; a well-designed app helps to reduce training costs and is critical for positive interactions with our products. The new interface is simple and clear, so it’s easier to use. Its styling is in line with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system so that users have a more familiar experience.

You can download more information about Smart24 here, or contact our team for more information.

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