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With over a decade of experience in the world’s highest risk areas, we have unique insight into modern security challenges faced by our clients in Security and Fleet Management. Our products and platforms help simplify data, manage vehicle fleets more effectively and improve emergency response time.


Personnel Tracking


When you operate across multiple locations in a frontier market, keeping track of people can be time consuming. Our tracking devices and web-based system helps you find critical information fast, better mitigate against risk and improve employee resource planning.

Fleet Management


We use smart technology to help you quickly identify careless driving behaviours, improve your team’s performance, and monitor their progress over time. Our platform helps you aggregate and analyse critical data so you can improve your vehicle fleets.



Build a clearer picture of your operating environment: our technology collates data from the news, social media, security reports and spreadsheets and consolidates the information into a single platform to help you keep your people and assets safe.


November, 2015

Successfully Fulfilling Client Needs

With over 10 years of experience of successfully supporting client operations in higher risk locations, we understand the importance to…

November, 2015

Benefiting from our In Vehicle Innovations

We have a great engineering team at Track24 who are able to create unique in-vehicle and fleet management solutions that…

November, 2015

Duty of Care vs Right to Privacy White Paper

There has been a seismic shift in global patterns in recent years. This has introduced an influx of new opportunities…

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SMART24 can enhance your crisis management processes. Keep employees safe with our smartphone app.

Duty of Care

Can you ensure a Duty of Care without infringing on your staff’s Right to Privacy?

Download our Duty of Care Whitepaper here


Our Employee Location Management System (ELMS®) enables you to locate staff travelling to diverse locations.