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SMART24 can enhance your crisis management processes. Press play to find out how.


The Employee Location Management System (ELMS) enables you to meet your duty of care obligations. Click on the video to learn more.

The Track24 Solution

Track24 has been setting the benchmark for security tracking and location management technology since 2004. For more information on how our technology works, click on the icons below

GPS Satellites
A satellite positioning system providing time and location information.
Communication Satellites

Inmarsat: Non-correctional, reliable, covers oceans and major landmasses

Iridium: Low-earth orbit, satellite constellation, completely global

GSM/GPRS – Vehicles
Track vehicles using location data sent and received across mobile networks. RoadRunner, IVMS Dongle
GSM/GPRS – Personnel
Enable communications and pinpoint exact location of personnel via mobile network data. SMART24, ELMS, Pocket Buddy
Satellite – Maritime
Robust security tracking, panic alarm systems and satellite communications devices for maritime vessels. Iridium Extreme, Otter, Whisper, Packmaster Lo-Pro II
Satellite – Aircraft
Remotely monitor aircraft positions, receive alerts and communicate via two-way messaging via the Iridium network. Falcon
Satellite – Personnel
Comprehensive security tracking and satellite communications devices for personnel in remote or high risk regions. Iridium Extreme, Track24 Whisper, Packmaster Lo-Pro II
Satellite – Vehicles
Near real-time tracking, in-vehicle monitoring systems and communications devices for vehicles in high-risk and remote areas. Rhino, Rhino IVMS, Track24 Whisper, Packmaster Lo-Pro II
Satellite – M2M
Sending and receiving Short Burst Data (SBD) over satellites, Machine to Machine (M2M) communications makes the centralisation of data collection and control of geographically dispersed machines possible.
Land earth stations
The link between orbiting satellites and terrestrial communications networks.
GSM Networks
Terrestrial mobile communications network
Track24 Platforms
Online monitoring capabilities and full operational oversight on all assets. ELMS, IVMS, C4i, SCC Titan
SMS and email notifications to personnel in an emergency. Encrypted 2-way messaging enables secure communications and informed responses.