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You have just been alerted to an incident in London. Do you know if your people have been impacted?

Many current solutions do not strike the correct balance between speed, accuracy, and privacy.  Traditional, itinerary-based travel tracking systems are not swift or informative enough in crises, while continuous location sharing is in many cases too intrusive for companies to adopt.

Track24 has bridged this gap with SearchLight — a new, unintrusive and rapid method of locating and communicating with your people when needed. Download a brochure



In the event of an emergency, draw a time-limited SearchLight zone around the location of an incident and locate those inside the area. You can then identify who is most at risk without the need for continuous location-sharing.

Live counts update you automatically on who is safe, who is inside the area, and who is unaccounted for. You can then filter to find the right people and tailor the right communications to the right people. Download a brochure


For those at risk, targeted messaging will allow you to give immediate advice on how to proceed. For those unaccounted for, use push notifications, email or SMS to contact them.

With SearchLight, you can effectively account for your people in minutes, understand how best to keep your people safe, and help achieve your duty of care during a critical event. Download a brochure


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