Account for your people

In the event of civil unrest, a major health and safety incident or a terrorist attack, you need to know where all your people are.

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Display information on maps and in charts to easily see who you have in-country and where they are, improving your ability to locate employees and respond in a crisis.

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Aggregate reliable and up-to-date data in a centralised system, making it easier to search  important information on demand 24/7.

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Share critical information with disparate teams on a single platform, ensuring data is not siloed or lost in emails or on laptops at work sites.

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We help you to standardise and stream-line the data collection process so you can upload, manage and search your data within one platform.


The information you need in one place, accessible 24/7.

Map view

See the location of employees across the world on a map.


View a summary of key information for example, employees by nationality, sub-contractor or location.


Schedule daily, weekly or monthly summary reports direct to your inbox.


Search and download information easily in pdf or excel formats.


Integrate third party data and existing methods for gathering personnel data.