Ensure the safety, security and
efficiency of your fleet

Quickly identify careless driving behaviours to improve
your team’s performance and monitor its progress over time.

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Gather data from your vehicle sensors and telematics devices and feed it through our IVMS web platform,  so you’ll know how your fleet is being used and whether your drivers are safe on the roads.

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Aggregate your data automatically and visualise it on maps, in charts and reports. You can easily compare the performance of drivers and the usage of your vehicles.

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Using insights from the platform, you can then use your resources more effectively by creating targeted campaigns to improve driver safety and by scheduling preventative maintenance campaigns to improve vehicle reliability.

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Our IVMS platform helps you keep your vehicles and drivers safe wherever they may be operating.


Your vehicles are a shared resource. Know where, when and by whom they are being used.


Every vehicle and driver will receive their own DriveSafe score allowing you to monitor improvements in safety over time.

Utilisation reports

Each day we estimate the total distance driven, total time in motion and many other useful metrics for each driver and vehicle.

Preventative maintenance

Predict when your vehicles need maintenance jobs to be scheduled based on distance driven, and keep track of the distance or time elapsed since they were last completed. 


A vehicle speed that is safe on a highway may be dangerous on a residential road. Our system will help you understand these road type dependent speed limits.


Our system is configurable to help you address the particular safety and security concerns your fleet faces. 

Integrated, installed, supported and maintained. Our devices will be integrated and installed by Track24 technicians or through local partnerships in your country of operation. Our support team, account managers and analysts are on hand to ensure you get the most out of using our system.