Introducing SearchLight

Track24 are proud and excited to introduce SearchLight, our new critical incident response solution. This brand new tool will enable you to protect and account for your staff during an emergency or disruption.

For over a decade, Track24 has been at the forefront of safety for business travellers who head out to some of the world’s frontiers. Our location sharing and emergency response technologies help keep people safe around the world, connecting them with assistance whenever they need help, wherever they may be.

SearchLight is an exciting new direction for us. Responding to the unpredictable incidents and disruptions we are seeing across Europe and the US, we are now working with organisations in mostly safe environments—helping them to understand if any of their staff are impacted by an incident, and assist those that are close by.

This short blog post outlines how this brand new feature will work, and why we are particularly excited about it.

How does SearchLight work?

During an incident or disruption, you can draw a ‘SearchLight zone’—a circular area—around the incident’s location on a map.

Any of your people within this area will automatically respond to you with their current location, and provide updates to you as they enter or exit these regions.

Your staff who are outside the affected area will respond with an automatic acknowledgment, without sharing any location data.

You can then create messaging groups for these people, based on whether they are inside or outside the affected area, or else as yet unconfirmed. Users will be able to follow up with targeted communications via push notifications, SMS or email to offer support or guidance.

Below is a diagram showing how SearchLight works. Our monitoring platform broadcasts information to our Smart24 iOS and Android app, which in turn responds to the system.

Further information

We think that there has never been a faster and more effective way of connecting and communicating with your people during a disruption or crisis.

Please visit our product page for further information, or request a preview of the system at