Inspections in remote regions

Staying connected with a mobile workforce is a complex challenge but during an emergency, it is vital. Smart24 is an app for iPhone and Android that lets you locate your staff when it matters, enabling a quick and effective response, and keeping your team safe.

Inspect24 is an IOS mobile app for site inspections in complex environments. Users check through the inspection criteria and report any issues as soon as possible. The assessments are then submitted to a web app to search and review.

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Comprehensive checks done quickly

Users check off the status of each item at the site, confirming its status before submitting supplementary photos for evidence. This is then uploaded to the monitoring platform.

No connection? No problem

When network conditions are poor, Inspect24 queues reports and uses a ‘network listener’ to detect when connection has been restored. Assessments are then received as soon as they are available, and monitoring teams can respond to issues faster.

Online Oversight

The web application allows you to query and analyze the trends in issues over time and audit the performance of your security teams.

Immediate alerts

Whenever an assessment includes an issue a member of the monitoring teams receives an email detailing an issue and its location what and where an issue is, with the supporting photograph.


About Us

Advanced technology for ensuring the safety, security and efficiency of your people and assets in some of the world’s most difficult places. We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliant.

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