Building intelligence and
situational awareness

Operate with greater confidence with our
Information Management System and make better,
faster decisions when needed.

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Build up a database of reports, news, social media and incident data in a central location to consult and search, making it easier to analyse both current and historic events.

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Analyse the data at a touch of a button with our intuitive system. Quickly find the information relevant to you with customised searches in your area.

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Collaborate with team members working remotely via the online platform. With the IMS, critical information isn’t lost or siloed in email inboxes or laptops.


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Understanding the local security situation is critical to keeping your people and assets safe.


The IMS gives you a better understanding of your security situation by displaying the incidents on a map.


We collate news and social media sources that are searchable inside the system, letting you find the information you need.

Spatial Search

Search for incidents inside boundaries and along real routes to understand the threats in your area.

Overlays and Points of interest

Draw and save boundaries and locations, such as work sites, hospitals or secure locations, to plot custom information on the map. 


Charting is automatically generated by the search and can be downloaded and added straight into your reports.


Edit exports to create custom annotated maps in reports.