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We make sure your team is well equipped so they can confidently work in some of the world’s most difficult places.


Our devices are integrated to our monitoring platforms and we maintain and develop our own message handler for our devices in-house.


Track24 technicians can install the devices or work with local partners in your country of operation.


Our support team is on hand 24/7 to help you get the most out of your Track24 products.


Our technicians can maintain your devices, providing an ongoing and committed service.

Quality assured

Our team puts extensive effort into making sure our devices match your needs and are quality assured to ISO 9001 standards.


We can upgrade device capabilities by using over the air software upgrades as they become available.

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Complete global coverage

The Iridium Extreme handset (AC27015 Iridium 9575 Extreme Handset) is a satellite phone with near real-time tracking and a panic alarm in a single device. Operating on the Iridium satellite network, the device can work anywhere in the world – no matter how remote the location. With voice and text communications, satellite tracking and panic alarm capabilities, the Iridium Extreme is the ideal solution for lone workers operating in remote or high risk locations. You can download more product information here.

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Reliable tracking device

The Whisper (PackMaster Whisper) can be used as either a handheld satellite tracking device or a vehicle tracker including vehicles with Electronic Counter Measures. The device offers email and encrypted messaging with our monitoring platform, mobile phones and other tracking devices. The Whisper has a long battery life and can trigger alerts, making it an ideal personal tracker. You can download more product information here.

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Inclusive security features

A robust and versatile satellite device, the Track24 PackMaster Lo-Pro II can be used for both personal and vehicle tracking in remote regions. The device works on the Iridium satellite network to provide global coverage and a full range of communications capabilities. A dual mode touchscreen version is also available which provides communication via both satellite and GSM, ensuring continuous connectivity. You can download more product information here.

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Durable and portable

The Echo provides near real-time location reports and alerts in one small handheld device. You can check-in, message or trigger a panic alert via an easy to use interface. Android users can sync the device with our smartphone app to send satellite messages. The device has an IP68 rating which means it is protected against dust and water up to 2m deep. You can download more product information here.

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Discreet communication device

The GT300 is a compact communication solution for staff working within cellular coverage, perfectly suited to lone workers, travellers, expats and their dependents. The GT300 is both a phone and a personal tracker with alert capabilities. The device provides a reliable line of communication with your people. You can download more information here.

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Discreet GPS device

The Pocket Buddy is a small dedicated tracking device, perfect for a dispersed and mobile workforce. The compact device allows users to trigger an alert easily.  As one of the smallest GPS tracking devices in our range, the compact Pocket Buddy is the ideal solution for personnel based in or travelling to medium to high-risk environments. You can download more product information here.

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Intrinsically safe phone

The Ex-Handy 09 is a rugged and intrinsically safe phone designed for the safety of lone workers in hazardous areas. The Ex-Handy 09 allows for personal tracking, communication and alerts in high risk environments. The device operates on 4G, LTE-standard or Quad Band and can send SMS and MMS. You can download more product information here.

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Protect your drivers

Compliant with standards set forth by international oil companies like BP and Shell, the Rhino IVMS (IDP-780) provides emergency alert and monitoring functions for driver performance and vehicle diagnostics. The Rhino IVMS is a dual mode system, using either the Inmarsat satellite network or the local GPRS network to send data to our monitoring platform. You can download more product information here.

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Cost effective vehicle tracker

The Lynx (FM5300) is a vehicle tracker. The device has an integral emergency alarm and operates over GPRS networks, buffering data when cellular coverage is poor. It features an emergency voice voice capability to make and receive calls.

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