Technology for safety and security

Advanced technology for ensuring the safety, security and efficiency of your people and assets in some of the world’s most difficult places.



We provide applications that focus on keeping your people and assets safe and secure. Our applications help you manage and respond to your work environment efficiently and ensure that your operations run smoothly.


We provide and support a range of hardware for location services from discreet personal devices to installed in-vehicle trackers. Our devices can be used to locate employees or assets as well as monitor driving behaviour.


Track24 provides ongoing service and support to all clients from onboarding through to the every day use of products. We have extensive support material and our team is on hand 24/7 to make sure you get the most out of our products and services.

Our reach is global, whether you are an NGO working in a difficult region, an oil company with thousands of vehicles, or a multi-national with thousands of employees, we have smart and intuitive applications to address security challenges, manage risk and reduce cost.


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Equip your team

Get reliable hardware, communications devices and sensors for your team, assets or vehicles. We provide a range of hardware than can integrate with our applications. From smartphone apps to installed vehicle devices, we can equip your team for any environment.

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Improving fleet operations


The safety, security and efficiency of your drivers and vehicles is paramount. Monitoring dozens of drivers and vehicles in places like Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan can be a challenge – find out how we are solving this problem for clients.

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Keeping your people safe


Working in dangerous regions can put your people at risk. Knowing where your people are and if they need your help is critical to ensuring the security of operations – learn more about how we help to keep your people safe.

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Building awareness


Understanding the local and national security context is key to mitigating risk and keeping your people and assets safe in volatile work environments – see how we’ve tackled this problem.

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Why Track24?



Minimise training time for your team with our easy to use products.


Ensure the security of your data with encryption and internationally recognised security standards.


Access your data 24/7 on a reliable web-based platform with minimal down time.


From one asset to hundreds across multiple locations, countries and regions, we have you covered.


We support hundreds of clients operating in 137 countries with extensive experience working in high risk regions.


Our engineering capabilities ensure products constantly evolve and improve as technology advances.

We take data security seriously within our applications, hardware and processes. We are ISO 27001 certified and our accreditation is audited by an external organisation.

About Us

Advanced technology for ensuring the safety, security and efficiency of your people and assets in some of the world’s most difficult places. We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliant.


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